DW 500 Gram
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Dairy Whitener

Product Details

* Product Name
The product is prepared by spray drying of standardized milk obtained from cow milk or buffalo milk or a mixture thereof (standardized milk shall be prepared by adjustment of suitably process milk solids). The standardized milk shall be free from additives. All processing and drying carried out in a manner that minimizes the loss of nutritive value, particularly protein quality.
* Description
Hardayal Whole Milk Powder is a white or white with greenish tinge or light cream in colour , homogeneous, free from lumps except those that break readily under slight pressure and free from extraneous matter.
* Packing
  25 kg pouch
* Composition
Compositional Specification for Skimmed Milk Powder as per IS: 13334(PT-01)1998, Standard Grade

S.No. Characteristics Requirements Method of Test Ref to
1 Taste & flavour IS:10030:1981
2 Moisture, percent by mass, Max 4.00 IS: 11623
3 Milk  solids(non-fat ), percent by mass, Min. 57.00 SEE NOTE
4 Milk fat, percent by mass, Max 20.0 IS: 11721 & IS 1124(Part-2)
5 Insolubility index, ml, Max (Spray  dried) 1.5 IS:12759
6 Total ash (on dry basis) percent by mass, Max 5.50 IS:14433(Part-1)
7 Acid insoluble ash, percent by mass, Max 0.10 IS:14433(Part-1)
8 Total added sugar (as Sucrose) percent by mass, Max 18.0 IS:4079
9 Bacterial  Count  (Max.) per gram 40,000 IS:5402
10 Coli form Count  in  0.10  gm Absent IS:5401
11 Staphylococus  aureus  in 0.1g Absent IS:5887(Part 2)1976
12 Salmonella  in 25 g Absent IS:5887(Part 3)1976
13 Shigella  in 25 g Absent IS:5887(Part 3)1976
14 Note :Milk solids (non-fat) may be calculated by the formula: 100-(Moisture+Fat+Total  added Sugar)
* Nutritional Information
 Energy, kcal 460
 Energy from fat, kcal 180
Total  Fat, gm 20
 Saturated  Fat, gm 12.4
Cholesterol, mg 52
 Sodium, mg 88
Total  Carbohydrates, gm 50
Added sugar, gm 18
Protein, gm 20
Calcium, mg 1000
Not a significant source of  dietary  fiber,  vitamin   C   &  Iron