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Hardayal Whole Milk Powder

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* Product Name
Hardayal Whole Milk is prepared by spray drying of standardized milk obtained from cow milk or buffalo milk or a mixture thereof (standardized milk shall be prepared by adjustment of suitably process milk solids). The standardized milk shall be free from additives. All processing and drying carried out in a manner that minimizes the loss of nutritive value, particularly protein quality.)
* Description
Hardayal Whole Milk Powder is a white or white with greenish tinge or light cream in colour, homogeneous, free from lumps except those that break readily under slight pressure and free from extraneous matter.
* Packing
  25 kg pouch
* Composition
Compositional Specification for Whole Milk Powder, as per IS:1165;2002

S.No. Characteristics Requirements Method of Test Ref to
1 Taste & flavour IS:10030:1981
2 Moisture, percent by mass, Max 4.00 IS: 11623
3 Total  solids (milk solids and added salt), % by mass, Min. 96.00 SEE NOTE
4 Milk fat, percent by mass, Max 26.0 IS: 11721 & IS 1124 (Part-2)
5 Insolubility index, ml, Max (Spray  dried) 2.0 IS:12759
6 Total ash (on dry basis) percent by mass,Max 7.30 IS:14433(Part-1)
7 Titratable acidity (as  lactic  acid ) percent by mass, Max 1.2 IS:11766
8 Bacterial  Count  (Max.) per gram 40,000 IS:5402
9 Coli form Count  in  0.10  gm Absent IS:5401
10 Staphylococus  aureus  in 0.1g Absent IS:5887(Part 2)1976
11 Salmonella  in 25 g Absent IS:5887(Part 3)1976
12 Shigella  in 25 g Absent IS:5887(Part 3)1976
13 Note : From the mass of residue, as obtained  in the  method  prescribed in  IS 11623, calculate the percentage of total solids.
* Nutritional Information

Nutritional profile in 100gm

ENERGY 510 k cal
FAT 26.0g
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