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Dairy Mix

Product Details

* Product Name
  Dairy Mix Milk Powder (Dairy Mix known as sweetened Partly Skimmed Milk Powder, This product is proprietary food item prepared spray drying of cow milk, buffalo milk or a mixture thereof. The milk may be modified by partial removal\substitution of milk solids (non fat) with carbohydrates such a sucrose, dextrose or dextrin.)
* Description
  The product shall be white or light cream in colour, uniform in composition and free from lumps except those that break up readily under slight pressure and shall be reasonably free from scorched particles.
* Packing
   20g,40g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg

* Composition
  • Milk Fat (Max) 1%
  • Milk Protein 35%
  • Carbohydrates 51%
  • Minerals 7%
  • Moisture 3.5%
* Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information
Amount per 100 g
  Energy, kcal 357.0
  Energy from Fat, kcal 9.0
  Total Fat, g 1.0
  Saturated fat,g 0.5
  Cholesterol, mg 18
  Total Carbohydrates, g 52.0
  Added Sugar, g 0.0
  Protein, g 35.0
  Sodium, mg 549.0
  Calcium, mg 1200.0
  Phosphorous, mg 980.0
  Thiamin, mg 0.4
  Riboflavin, mg 1.7
  Niacin, mg 0.9
  Folate, mcg 50.0
  Not a significant source of Dietary fiber, Vitamin C and Iron

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