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Company is involved in various programs to educate farmers on how to effectively manage their livestock.

1. It educates them on how to keep their livestock healthy by providing regular medical check ups.

2. It helps farmers in educating them on what to feed to cows and buffaloes for better yield.

3. Company provides interest free financial assistance to farmers to buy livestock.

4. Company provides interest free financial assistance to farmers in their time of need such as medical emergencies etc…

5. Company sponsors farmer’s children for education by providing interest free loans and scholarships for bright students.

6. Company helps farmers to avail loans from nationalized banks by becoming their guaranter.

7. Company facilities various seminars on various issues for farmers.

8. Company helps women in villages to become financially independent by encouraging them to buy livestock. It is women mostly in Indian villages who manages livestock, company helps them by collecting milk from their doorstep and making payment at their doorstep so that they can become financially independent and still manage their household by staying at their homes.